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Free VPS and Paid VPS – What are the different points?

Free VPS and Paid VPS – What are the different points?
13 Jan, 2022 VPS Knowledgebase

Should you choose a free or paid VPS service? Those who want to own one or more VPS maybe have the same question. Maybe to save money, people will think more about the first option. However, once you have paid a fee, the supplier certainly will not let you down. Let Dainty Cloud find the most suitable answer for your needs in this article.

What are Free VPS and Paid VPS?

VPS is a device with a pre-installed operating system (Linux, Windows, …), similar to a personal computer. It has its IP address in any country. Users can access this device and use it as a computer. It has an Internet connection, has a browser, and has specifications as that of a computer.

Free VPS and Paid VPS
VPS is now widely used in business

When the user has to pay a monthly fee to the provider to deploy work on the rented VPS, it is called a paid VPS service. Similarly, the free VPS service is a VPS trial service and no fee, suitable for individuals and businesses with low resource usage needs. Here, users use a free account to experience the service.

What is the difference between a free VPS and a paid VPS?

About pricing

When using the free VPS service, the user does not have to pay any fees to the provider. It allows customers the opportunity to test the service before deciding to invest and use it for a long time for a period of 60 to 90 days. Usually, the market will not be available or diverse in terms of free rental service packages. Because it is a free service, users will not have many optimal choices to suit their needs.

Also, not every free service is offered as a freebie. The provider can ask users to pay a fee and then refund after the trial period expires, or provide international credit card information and automatically collect the fees after 60 to 90 days of use. So, before deciding to use a free VPS, make sure that you have thoroughly researched the provider. Moreover, be sure of the free usage period, payment conditions.

Free VPS and Paid VPS
There are two options in using VPS

Large and reputable hosting companies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform can offer good free options. While you may get fewer resources than a paid service, it’s a great way to know if VPS is best for your company. 

Regarding paid VPS, you can easily access reputable service providers, support in using and managing VPS better. Moreover, users can also diversify and optimize their needs. You can choose from configuration packages that suit your needs and are affordable. Paid VPS can be a cost-effective way to get more resources along with additional hardware and software hosting infrastructure.

About features and resources

When using a free service, users face certain limitations in terms of features, resources, capacity, and storage time. Because the end purpose of the provider is to let users know about the product through free VPS, then pay to use the advanced features. However, in terms of experience and learning, free VPS is a good choice before customers decide to invest in the service.

Free VPS and Paid VPS
Diversity of resources is something that free VPS limits

Needs to be careful when there are still low-quality, low-security free VPS service providers on the market. Free resources and features are not guaranteed, stable. Along with that, the lack of support services and customer care causes many inconveniences when using.

Popular domain hosting

A premium VPS will provide you with plenty of safe and highly secure domain name hosting. However, for a free VPS, you will be limited when it comes to domain hosting, thus leading to reduced work efficiency. Thereby, we can see that no free service can fully meet your data storage problems.

Free VPS and Paid VPS
Limitations in domain hosting when using free VPS

Data backup

With a paid VPS service, the provider will ensure the safety of all your data by using a data backup system and tool. Thanks to that, if you accidentally encounter a risk during use, you can always back up and restore your data yourself. Of course, in the case of using a free service, this tool is not always provided for free. When using a free program, you should keep this in mind to ensure the safety of your data.

Free VPS and Paid VPS
Backing up data in VPS use is very important

Where is the good VPS rental service?

As can be seen, basically free VPS and paid VPS services from reputable providers are well to users in certain circumstances. But if you are looking for a tool that supports long-term and stable hosting, a paid VPS is a perfect choice. So the next question will be: Where is the good VPS rental service?

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