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What is VPS? What is VPS used for? When should you upgrade to VPS?

What is VPS? What is VPS used for? When should you upgrade to VPS?
12 May, 2024 VPS Knowledgebase

In an era of strong technological development, the VPS concept is increasingly search and chosen to use by many people: data saving, operate replacement systems or provide additional support for traditional servers. If you are a beginner, you will probably have a lot of difficulty learning about it. Dainty Cloud will help you understand what VPS is and when to use VPS.

  1. What is VPS?

What is VPSVPS – Virtual Private Server – is a hosting service that uses virtualization technology to provide you with private resources on a server with many users.

In other words, VPS is a virtual server that simulates a physical server, operating as an online web server with divided resources from the physical server, to create many subservers with different features and operations, like a regular server.

  1. What is VPS used for?

As mentioned above, VPS is a virtual server that simulates a physical server, but it have private resources, large storage space and high security, better meets the needs of users, used for Create a website, game, or any application that requires separate resources, not shared with anyone, storing files and databases necessary for your website or application. Users have full control with superuser (like root rights, admin rights), to install the operating system you want, set up configuration, install applications as desired with a good level of security.

  1. When should you upgrade to VPS?

To know if it’s time or not, you need to check and evaluate your project.

VPS hosting is often considered the next step after your website grows beyond the resource limits of shared hosting. If your website shows the following signs, it’s best for you to switch to VPS:

  • You are worried about security issues

You should consider using VPS when you want to improve website security, increase monitoring capabilities or expand backup space. It will bring more safety to users when the website uses online payment methods such as credit cards, linked to a bank account…

  • High traffic

After a period of operation, the amount of web traffic increases, making you worry that the website will be at risk or cannot handle traffic as quickly as before, then switching to VPS is the best option at this time that you should choose.

  • Need more storage space

You have more shared content on your website, but the number of article interactions has decreased due to slower web loading times, insufficient web data storage space; this sign informs you that you need to switch to VPS to expand the scale of your website.

  • Install custom software:

If you want to install custom software for your website or upgrade a project, you will need VPS to have many options to help you manage better and increase operating and processing speed.

  • Server error:

when the Server reports the error “Service Unavailable” or “Internal Server Error”, it means your customers are also facing that. Please solve this problem by upgrading to VPS.

  • Limited budget:

A dedicated hosting package can help you solve many problems but the amount of money to buy is not small. If your budget is limited but you want more RAM, increased security, and improved speed, it’s best to choose VPS.

  • Building websites for customers:

Your job is to build a website for customers? With VPS you can host a huge number of domains but still provide enough RAM for the websites to operate normally.

Furthermore, VPS providers provide services in many packages with different price models allowing users to easily choose and upgrade packages flexibly, expanding storage space easily without transfering data or transfer servers, depending on usage needs in each stage, optimizing cost savings.

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In short, when using VPS, businesses can enjoy the outstanding advantage which is high stability. If you want a reliable solution, a highly competitive commercial business environment and guaranteed good growth, then you should choose VPS as a web server or application server.

Dainty Cloud hopes this article will provide you with a lot of useful information. If you have any questions, please contact us for advice and to register for a free account.(Click here)

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