What is Windows VPS?

What is Windows VPS? - Cheap Windows VPS

VPS is a Virtual Private Server that acts as a resource sharing from a physical server. Virtual servers are formed through the method of partitioning a physical server into various virtual servers. Each virtual server can run its own operating system, CPU, memory, hard drive storage … with the full range of highest management features and use a separate configuration.

Windows VPS is a VPS that preinstalls Microsoft’s Windows operating system such as Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019, Windows 10 or Windows 11. These are all operating systems that are familiar to most users.

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Windows VPS Pricing Plans

Windows VPS USA from 6.8 month

Windows VPS USA

01 vCPU
Windows OS
$6.8 Monthly

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Windows VPS EU from 8.0 month

Windows VPS Europe

01 vCPU
Windows OS
$8.0 Monthly

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Windows VPS Vietnam

Windows VPS Asia

01 vCPU
Windows OS
$8.0 Monthly

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Windows VPS deployed
Happy customers
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Windows VPS GPU

Quadro - Tesla NVIDIA
1 - 16 GB GPU Memory
8 - 128 GB RAM Memory
120 - 2 TB SSD Storage
Windows / Linux OS
$55.0 Monthly

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Windows VPS Android Emulator

Windows VPS Android Emulator

GetFore - Quadro NVIDIA
1 - 16 GB GPU Memory
8 - 128 GB RAM Memory
40 - 2 TB SSD Storage
Windows OS
$39.0 Monthly

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Characteristics of Windows VPS


  • The main advantage of  Windows VPS is that the interface is easy to use and comfortable for users.
  • Full support of optional applications and operating systems.
  • Can actively upgrade the configuration without depending on the usual web hosting service.
  • When a physical server crashes, Windows VPS are automatically transferred to other physical servers without disrupting the operation of the system.
  • Cost savings: This is an issue that any customer is interested in, so with a cheap Windows VPS package but still good benefits for businesses.
  • Ensure the efficiency of use. Security is absolutely safe.
  • Unlimited bandwidth speed.


  • Security: It is the popularity of Windows that has made this operating system the target of hackers.
  • Copyright: Since Windows is a paid operating system, in many countries, the number of users using Windows pirated version is very high.
  • Windows PS has the disadvantage that open source software is small and limited, although the open source community for Windows applications has been very developed but is still very small.

Which businesses should use Windows VPS?

Using Windows VPS

If your business uses a large number of Windows software applications, WINDOWS VPS may be a good choice for you. Websites built with a ASP.NET platform require Windows VPS if you want to achieve maximum performance.

Windows VPSP is also a very popular choice for Internet marketing businesses. Windows VPS creates a pc-like environment in different locations and countries. Therefore, Windows VPS can be used to dropshipping, increase views for websites, run SEO tools…

RDP Private IP

RDP Private IPv4 address, Windows VPS with private IPv4, fresh and diverse IP.

Windows VPS with Bitcoin payment

Windows vps bitcoin payment, you can buy any VPS plans with Bitcoin payments.

Windows VPS 247 customer support

Premium support via Skype, Facebook, Telegram.

Windows VPS FAQ

You can install Windows operating system for VPS via ISO file uploaded to VPS. However, this is difficult, so all VPS we provide have pre-installed Windows operating system. You can choose the version of Windows operating system you want to install, we will send you the right VPS with that Windows operating system.

Very simply, you just need to open the Remote Desktop Connection app on your computer. Filling in IP, Username and password is accessible to Windows VPS.

What if you use a MAC OS computer?

Go to Apple’s App Store to download the Remote Desktop Connection app, then install it and create a simple RDP login session by filling in ip, username, and Password.

You can see this guide if you have difficulty accessing your Windows VPS:


Changing the Windows VPS password is very simple, you can do it very quickly using the PowerShell command as follows:

1. Prepare a PowerShell command:

"Net User Administrator YourNewPassword"

Replace “YourNewPassword” with your password.

2. Copy the PowerShell command line above and Paste it to VPS’s PowerShell.

Go to Windows VPS, tap the Start button, open PowerShell, RIGHT click to PowerShell to paste the command line you just copied.

3. Change password successfully when the message “The command completed successfully” appears

You can follow this video tutorial:

You can use the Restart function inside the VPS similar to that on your computer. In addition, you can also Restart VPS right on our website.

Restart Windows VPS

Restart Windows VPS


There are many ways to secure your Windows VPS, usually, we would recommend that our customers do the following to secure VPS:

  1. Change the default password for Windows VPS.
  2. Change the default RDP port.
  3. Periodically scan viruses on the computer to avoid the Keyloger software stealing VPS passwords.

If you want to search for the best Windows VPS plan at the United Kingdom, we recommend that you use the “VPS EU#5” plan.

This VPS package has 8 GB RAM, 4 vCPU, 60 GB of SSD, and can install Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019.

Click on our “Windows VPS Europe” service above, scroll down and select the “VPS EU#5” plan, select “locations” at the United Kingdom, select a Windows operating system, and proceed with payment.

As soon as the payment is confirmed, you will receive information to access Windows VPS UK via email.