Who We Are ?

Dainty Cloud is an cheapest Cloud VPS, Windows VPS, Linux VPS provider headquartered in Singapore with data centers worldwide. Dainty Cloud Inc provides developers cloud services that help to deploy and scale applications that run simultaneously on multiple computers.

Dainty Cloud Inc is a leading Windows VPS, Linux VPS and Dedicated GPU Server company. We are committed to delivering the most professional and reliable hosting services at the most reasonable price. By offering dedicated 24/7 support and adopting relevant cutting-edge technologies, Dainty Cloud Inc has established itself as both innovative and customer-oriented company.

Dainty Cloud inc

Data Center

The services of the Dainty Cloud Inc are provided through 12 privately owned data centers:

  • 05 in USA located in: Ohio, California, Florida, New Jersey, Texas;
  • 01 in Canada located in: Montreal;
  • 03 in Europe in: United Kingdom; France; Germany;
  • 03 in Asia in: Singapore; Hong Kong; Thailand and Vietnam

In addition to these Data Centers, we have Partner infrastructures which provide services on a European level from Netherlands, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia and Russia.

Dainty Cloud Data Centers, are designed based on the highest standards in terms of reliability, performance and security. Connected to the Internet with over 20 Gb/s, they ensure twice the transmission capacity that’s required, guaranteeing service continuity and quality.

Data centers

Over One Decade of Experience

We started our web hosting business in 2009 with just one shared web server and one database server; we now serve more than ten thousand clients from over one hundred different countries. We are grateful for the experience that comes with such growth, and we seek to use all we have learned to benefit our clients.

To offer you the best infrastructure service in the cloud, with exceptional customer service and at a low cost. We’re constantly investing in our platform and human team, to always be your top provider.

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