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Mining Cryptocurrency with VPS – Should or Not?

Mining Cryptocurrency with VPS – Should or Not?

Cryptocurrency mining has been a prominent monetization trend over the years. However, mining cryptocurrency with VPS is still a relatively new method.

What is VPS mining?


Cryptocurrency, or crypto-currency, or crypto is the currency changing the world. That is a trend pursued by young people. Cryptocurrencies have been around since the 90s. That was when the era of information technology and digitization exploded. Cryptocurrencies originated from the novel idea of ​​commercialization. It is also known as digitized money. There are three ways to mine them: buy a private server, rent a dedicated server or rent a VPS.

Cryptocurrency mining becomes a trend
Cryptocurrency mining becomes a trend

Cryptocurrency mining is a method of sharing cryptocurrency mining speed for users through virtualization technology. Usually, mining this currency requires a very-large computer system. Therefore, many people choose to mine cryptocurrency with VPS to save a lot of money. The VPS will allow users to mine. And it’s the tenant’s job to pay a fee each month.

How should VPS be configured to mine cryptocurrency?

There are many types of cryptocurrencies. Easy to difficult to mine. So need a terrible or not terrible configuration. However, the minimum config of VPS needs to be: GPU and CPU graphics card as large as possible. A highly configurable GPU VPS, of course, will bring good performance. Depending on supplier support, the cryptocurrency you want to mine. And especially your understanding to make the best choice.

Advantages of mining cryptocurrency with VPS

  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money to invest in a private server. When to rent a VPS for mining, you only need to pay a small monthly fee. Then, you will have a high-quality, stable virtual server.
  • No large monthly electricity bills compared to a dedicated physical server. Many software that mines some coins need very high power consumption. For example, bitcoin needs to use a large amount of power to ensure a smooth server operation.
  • VPS with safety and security advantages.
  • Easily upgrades configuration.
VPS has many advantages to meet cryptocurrency mining
VPS has many advantages to meet cryptocurrency mining

Limitations need attention

  • VPS has a low config. The configuration is not as powerful as the physical server. 
  • Very few hosting companies let you rent VPS for cryptocurrency mining. Because mining this currency will quickly crash the server. At the same time consume a lot of their power.
  • Mining devices generate very high temperatures while working. All the components are operating at their maximum capacity.
  • They have noise and high power consumption. 

Should mining cryptocurrency with VPS? 

If you are a beginner, learn about mining cryptocurrencies. For just experience, VPS is the best solution for you. In the long run, mining cryptocurrency with VPS will not be suitable. If you compare the mining amount and the monthly VPS rental, you will realize: you have wasted money. That is a common share of many people who have experience mining cryptocurrencies. 

The trend of cryptocurrency mining is showing signs of falling
This trend is showing signs of falling

One piece of advice for you is that: to mine cryptocurrencies profitably, you need to invest in a dedicated server. That is, you need to buy your server or rent it at a reputable hosting unit. But you need to learn a little more and make the right decision. Mining cryptocurrency with VPS will not be very cost-effective. And more importantly, VPS has many other very interesting uses that you may not know.

Issues to consider before deciding to use VPS to mine cryptocurrency

Currently, many people choose to dig with VGA or dedicated ASIC. But not everyone can afford it. To own an imported excavator or rent a VPS by the hour, users need to spend a lot of money. In addition, power consumption also needs to be invested. Cryptocurrency mining uses a lot of electricity. You need to carefully consider the price of electricity in the area where you live.

Cost is always a top consideration
Cost is always a top consideration

Another problem is whether you can mine money or not depends on your luck and the size of the rig. If you rent a VPS to mine, it will not cost as much as using VGA. Every month, you only need to invest a few dollars at least when to rent a VPS to get a pretty quality machine for mining. VPS platforms are usually Xen or KVM of choice. And Openvz is not recommended. Cause it is easy to die early in the mining process.

If you like or are curious about this, no problem, you can give it a try. But in general, you can’t do it permanently. Therefore, we think mining cryptocurrencies with VPS does not seem stupid but also not very wise. And you, what are your thoughts on this matter? Let Dainty Cloud know. Thanks for following this post!

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