change VPS password with cmd - Step by step

Have you tried changing VPS password with cmd? Using the command is the fastest way to change Windows VPS password, it works well for operating systems like Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019. In this article, we will show you how to change your password using cmd step by step as follows:

Step 1. Connect to Windows VPS and open PowerShell on VPS

Use the “Remote Desktop Connection” application to access the Windows VPS, click Start and enter there “PowerShell”.

Open PowerShell on your Windows VPS

Step 2. Prepare command line: Net User Administrator YourNewPassword

Prepare the following command line:

Net User Administrator YourNewPassword

In there, remember to replace “YourNewPassword” with the new password you want to change for the VPS.

Prepare command line to change VPS Password

Step 3. Paste the above command into the PowerShell just opened on the VPS and Enter to complete.

After preparing the above command line, copy and paste it into PowerShell on VPS by right-clicking on the PowerShell screen and pressing Enter.

Paste Command line to change password

If you get stuck, watch this tutorial video:

Above is the entire article on how to change Windows VPS password with Cmd fastest. Thank you for reading.

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