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TOP Android Emulator on Windows VPS Server with GPU

TOP Android Emulator on Windows VPS Server with GPU
09 Sep, 2021 GPU VPS

There are many Android emulators out there, but below are the top android emulators that can be installed on VPS and Servers with GPU. In this article, Dainty Cloud will help you better understand the best Android emulators available on Windows VPS, Windows Server environments.

Android Studio

Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Google’s Android operating system, built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software and designed specifically for Android development. It was announced on May 16, 2013, at the Google I/O conference. It is available for download on Windows VPS, macOS VPS, and Linux-based operating systems or as a subscription-based service in 2020.

Android Studio on Windows Server with GPU

There are many Android emulators out there, but it is best that you use Android Studio. Apart from the emulator itself, it offers many other features, like app development and custom emulator creation. Installing Android Studio on a VPS is very simple, just VPS is equipped with a graphics processor (GPU). Android Studio is a smart programming tool that has advanced code editing capabilities with many changes such as new and intuitive user interface design tools, performance analysis, etc. Create apps, make changes, and preview products in real-time.


The BlueStacks App Player is designed to enable Android applications to run on PCs running Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS. The company was founded in 2009 by Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf, and Rosen Sharma, former CTO at McAfee and a board member of You will also need to set the Windows VPS RAM to 4GB or higher in order to install Bluestacks. A rough number would be 8GB of ram if you want to run more than 2 Virtual Machines.

Bluestacks on Windows VPS

To run the Bluestacks application, your server needs to be equipped with a graphics processor (NVIDIA or AMD). Today, BlueStacks is one of the most recognized technology brands in the industry and employs more than 300 people globally. The software has grown to become the leading Android gaming platform for PC, trusted by over 500 million gamers in over 200 countries. Some of the top game developers in the world use our platform to promote their games.


LDPlayer is a free emulator for running Android applications on a Windows VPS Android Emulator. Supports all Google Play apps, and interacts with a large number of developers directly. The new LDPlayer adds a new Mini mode, allowing to minimize the emulator screen while working and entertaining on Windows VPS.

Unlike other Android emulators that only support the old Android platform, LD Player supports Android 5.1 and above, allowing you to play modern games and enjoy all the attractive features.

Similar to many other Android emulators such as BlueStacks, Nox Player, or Droid4X, LDPlayer gives you the experience of playing Android games or accessing mobile applications comfortably on your computer screen with a similar emulation interface. The LDPlayer emulator is compatible with Android 5.1 and above and it is a smooth, stable emulator that is worth a try. The advantage of LDPlayer is fast speed, multi-window support, and perfect compatibility with many games and applications on CH Play.


NoxPlayer, the perfect Android emulator for playing mobile games on Windows VPS. With the download of Nox, users can enjoy the Android experience on personal computers, in an interface similar to Android devices. Based on the Android 4.4.2 platform, NoxPlayer has integration with Google Play – something that many software and features do not have.

NoxPlayer proved to be very useful when allowing users to play games or install Android applications on Windows Virtual Machines, not only that, the software also provides a way to play Android games with the help of a computer mouse and keyboard, to create a great experience. Best gaming experience.

Noxplayer on Windows VPS Server

NoxPlayer is compatible and can run well on Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019. You can also change the screen resolution selection and CPU or RAM usage based on the performance of the computer. In addition to Nox, Droid4X is also an Android emulator application on lightweight computers, suitable for computer configurations that are not too high.


Droid4X is the best and lightest Android emulator on Windows computers today, Droid 4X allows users to play games or use Android applications on large screen PCs. The main advantage of Droid4X is that it allows even weak computers to install and use Android emulators. Because of this biggest advantage, Droid 4X is increasingly being liked and used by more and more people.

The process of downloading and installing Droid4X is quite easy and fast. Immediately after installing Droid4X, there will be a quick tutorial on some of the icons on the application in a few seconds. Next, you can access the Google Play Store, find the games and applications you want to download and install them as if using your Android phone.

Droid4X on VPS Server

Droid4X is a good solution for users who want to experience Android applications on their computers. Not too heavy, responsive, and completely free, it can be a good alternative to BlueStacks.


Wakuoo is a platform that supports smart Mobile Gameplay on PC, which is said to be lighter, smoother, and more stable than Android emulators on the market today, perfectly compatible with popular games like Free Fire, Arena of Valor, Realm of Valo … even Genshin Impact (the game only supports on Android 9).

Wakuoo integrates the most advanced technology, with fast speed and a much lighter capacity than emulators. If you want to experience Android Games & APPs on your computer without installing an emulator for your device, then Wakuoo is a good choice, suitable for low-profile computers.

Many people who responded during the Google login or CH play process on Wakuoo encountered a stopping situation, which is caused by your computer having OpenGL 3.1 or lower graphics version. To fix this, click Settings, go to Feature Settings, then change the Rendering Mode in the advanced settings to Basic (Directx). Then save and restart Wakuoo.


MEmu is a rising name when it comes to the list of the best Android emulators. It boasts full compatibility with NVIDIA and AMD processors (GPU Server), its latest version has updated Android to 5.0 Lollipop, allowing you to experience the latest apps without support for the latest version. older Android versions. MEmu comes with root capabilities as well as a complete toolbar with tons of functions and features. It is not bulky, has high performance, is a good replacement for other Android emulators, especially when you want to play games and work at the same time.

MEMu on Windows VPS

MEmu users can open multiple windows and watch their favorite TV shows directly on different TV channels. Using chat applications like WhatsApp is very easy when typing with the keyboard, along with playing games with the support of mouse, control, and keyboard, displaying all on the big screen is also a wonderful experience. could be more wonderful.

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