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The operating system for VPS – Windows or Linux?

The operating system for VPS – Windows or Linux?
30 Jan, 2022 Linux VPS

It is an important question when deciding to use VPS. You need to have an overview of these two operating systems. That will help you in choosing which operating system for your VPS. Let Dainty Cloud find the answer in this article.

The birth of Windows and Linux operating systems

The birth of the Windows operating system

In 1985, Microsoft officially released the Windows operating system. Before that, in 1981, the first version of the Windows operating system was successfully researched, based on the MS-DOS platform. This introduction aims to compete with the Apple operating system.

After a development journey, now up to 90% of computers use the Windows operating system. Up to now, Microsoft has been very successful with Windows operating system versions. Like Windows XP, Windows 7 and Window 8, Windows 10, Windows 11. In addition, other versions like Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Server, etc.

Choose an operating system for VPS - Windows or Linux
Windows becomes the leading operating system

The birth of the Linux operating system

Linux operating system was born later than Windows. In 1991, computer scientist Linus Torvalds developed Linux based on the Unix operating system. It is a free operating system released as open-source software. With this type of operating system, the developer has the freedom to modify and add to its source code. 

Linux was born to run on personal computers with the original Intel 86x series. Then continue to research and develop to run on other lines. IBM Technology Corporation is backing this operating system. Linux is the operating system that supports the most hardware to date. At the same time, it also caught up with proprietary Unix versions. This operating system is also a competitor in danger of usurping Windows’ dominance in some areas.

Choose an operating system for VPS - Windows or Linux
Linux was born after Windows

The advantages

Advantages of Windows VPS

  • VPS Windows has an easy-to-use and comfortable interface. That is considered the top advantage. For those who are new to VPS, Windows will be very versatile. Especially for those of you who are used to using other Windows products.
  • Windows VPS might be a good choice for you. In this case, if your business uses a large number of Windows software applications. Website built with ASP.NET platform requires a Windows VPS if you want maximum performance.
  • Another advantage of Windows is remote desktop access. You can directly access your VPS server from anywhere. This advantage makes server management much simpler and more convenient than Linux. Linux is an operating system that requires the SSH protocol.
Choose an operating system for VPS - Windows or Linux
Each operating system has its advantages

Advantages of Linux VPS

  • When comparing the prices of the two operating systems, Linux is the cheaper option. It also has an open-source suite and is free. Windows requires accompanying operating systems. The applications for Linux are almost all free, which makes it cheaper.
  • Linux is much more flexible with its controller. Not only on Windows, but Linux also allows Plesk to work on it. Along with that, CPanel is only compatible with Linux. This reason makes Linux a popular choice among business and website developers.
  • With open-source, Linux can work well without being too affected by malware and viruses. Meanwhile, Windows requires you to install a lot of security software to fight SQL attacks. 

Some limitations

Windows operating system

  • Security. The popularity of Windows has made this operating system a target for hackers. Windows often encounter malicious code, security holes, viruses, etc. Microsoft’s engineering team is constantly working to fix errors that occur. That’s why you regularly receive notifications to update your version of Windows.
  • License. Windows is a paid operating system, so in many countries, the number of users using pirated versions of Windows is very high. If you don’t want to pay for the Windows operating system and the copyrighted Microsoft Office suite, you must use the pirated version. Or you can install licensed operating systems such as Asus X451MAV, HP 14 r069TU, Lenovo S410, Dell Inspiron 3542…
  • Windows VPS has the disadvantage of limited and open-source software. Although the open-source community for Windows applications has grown, it is still limited.
Choose an operating system for VPS - Windows or Linux
Each operating system has its limitations

Linux operating system

  • The app store is limited. The number of applications supported on Linux is not diverse.
  • Not yet supported by many manufacturers. Some manufacturers do not develop drivers that support the Linux platform.
  • Not user-friendly yet. Both form and manipulation. Executing the command line on Linux will be more difficult for users than Windows.

Should you choose Windows VPS or Linux VPS?

Windows and Linux operating systems have absolute dominance when choosing an operating system for VPS. The storage system based on these two operating system platforms is quite different. So choosing between Windows VPS and Linux VPS depends on your needs and purposes.

If your business uses many Windows software applications, then a Windows VPS might be a good choice for you. Websites built with the ASP.NET platform require a Windows VPS if you want maximum performance. Windows VPS is suitable for programming Windows, Windows Phone with C#, visual basic. Its friendliness is also applied in online business, hanging online games, etc.

Choose an operating system for VPS - Windows or Linux
Choose a VPS that suits your needs

VPS Linux is a good option for businesses that want to save costs and require greater flexibility. Linux is suitable for developers using C++, Java, and PHP programming languages. Besides, Linux is also suitable for some open source languages ​​or backend experts, computer networks.

So, with the above suggestions, you can choose the right operating system for your VPS. Let’s visit Dainty Cloud to rent a VPS at the best price and receive professional advice. If you have any questions, please send them to our contact channels. Thanks for following this post.

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