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20 Dec, 2023

How to Create an IPV6 Proxy using VPS

When you use a proxy it is a way to hide your real IP address when you access the internet. This helps protect your privacy or helps you access blocked...
22 Nov, 2023

How to Install AAPanel

AAPanel is an internationalized version of BAOTA Panel - A very good and most famous free web hosting control panel developed in China. Although AAPanel currently has fewer features than...
19 Oct, 2023

Top 6 Free Antivirus Software for Linux VPS

Linux VPS servers are widely chosen by businesses of all sizes due to their flexibility and control. However, like any other server, Linux VPS servers are susceptible to malware attacks....
01 Sep, 2023

How to Change Your Linux VPS Password

Changing your Linux VPS password is an important security measure that should be taken regularly. It helps protect your data and ensures that unauthorized persons cannot access your VPS. In...
12 Aug, 2023

How to Disable User Login in Linux

In today's digital era, the security of our systems holds paramount importance. Whether you are a system administrator or a regular user, ensuring the safety and integrity of your Linux...
11 Aug, 2023

How to Install Fail2Ban to Secure Linux Servers

Fail2Ban is a free and open-source software that protects Linux servers from brute-force attacks. It works by monitoring system logs for failed login attempts and automatically banning IP addresses that...
03 Aug, 2023

Test Network Speed on VPS with Ubuntu 20.0.4

Are you looking to test network speed on your Virtual Private Server (VPS) that runs on Ubuntu 20.04? Understanding the performance of your network connection is crucial for optimizing your...