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Notes when renting VPS to raise eBay, Paypal, Tiktok,… accounts

Notes when renting VPS to raise eBay, Paypal, Tiktok,… accounts

Using VPS to raise an account on eBay, Paypal, Tiktok or Facebook becomes the choice of many online business people. It helps them to expand and stabilize their business efficiently. So do you know what it is to rent a VPS to support an account? What to keep in mind when renting? Let’s find out with Dainty Cloud in this article. 

What is VPS raising an account?

VPS raising accounts is using VPS to maintain the operation of business accounts. These accounts will work on eBay, Paypal, Tiktok, Facebook, etc. By connecting to physical devices, just like real users are using. Thanks to its mobility and flexibility, the demand for VPS to raise money online accounts is increasing day by day. It is a perfect solution to help solve the disadvantages that physical computers often face. In the case when the user needs to own multiple accounts. It is also an indispensable element when doing Dropshipping.

Why need to rent VPS to raise the account?

Reasons why accounts are easily locked

  • Log into accounts in different places with different IP addresses.
  • Use public network IP. For example, you are in public places, such as bars, cafes, or supermarkets. But you need to log in to your account to continue your Dropshipping work. And such locations often make IP very easy to Blacklist. So, if you use a public network IP, your account will be limited. It means that you cannot use or withdraw money from your bank account. 
  • In case you have multiple accounts that need to be nurtured and maintained. The situation of being locked out of accounts in chains often happens. That’s when you use one login IP for multiple accounts and violate the policy of login pages. A locked account will cause all accounts on that IP to fail. Thus, how long does the construction work take to be considered broken? 
Notes when renting VPS to raise eBay, Paypal, Amazon,... accounts
VPS is selected to support online business

Effective when renting VPS to raise the account

Renting VPS to raise your account is the most effective solution for you because:

  • Multiple VPSs can be used to feed different accounts. VPS is the perfect solution to help solve the disadvantages of raising an account with a PC. With multiple accounts, you will need to have different IP addresses, device MAC addresses, browsers, operating systems, etc. It would be very costly if done on a PC. You will have to have a high initial investment cost, expensive operation. And very difficult to manage in large numbers.   
  • You can easily adjust the parameters on the device. Make simple configuration upgrades or scale VPS devices at the lowest cost. Using VPS to feed an account is usually low cost. There is no need for high configuration, no need for a large hard drive, and no need for a video card.
  • Using VPS is extremely simple and convenient. Just having an internet connection is enough for you to continue working.
  • VPS’s IP is always clean, not spammed or Blacklist. You will not have to worry about your account falling into the spotlight.
Notes when renting VPS to raise eBay, Paypal, Amazon,... accounts
Save more costs when using VPS
  • VPS works stably and naturally, making your account more reliable, limiting risks. The more the VPS resembles a real computer, the more natural the account activity will be, the longer it will live. On the contrary, it is not good to be discovered that you use virtualized devices, which are not real. When the account manipulation resembles a botnet, then there is a high chance that your account is already in the sights.
  • You can still have peace of mind when you connect to VPS, no matter where you are. Your account will operate on a single, fixed IP. Therefore it will be safer and have a higher survival rate.

Notes when renting a VPS to raise an account

When renting a VPS to raise an account on eBay, Paypal, Amazon, etc. to get the best results, you need to note the following:

Cheapest VPS possible but must come with stability

There are many types of VPS for account maintenance at low prices. However, this is a matter of great concern. If you choose too cheap VPS, the quality will not be high. So, this leads to risks such as a death in the middle of a slow connection. Therefore, choosing a reasonably priced VPS is care, but stability is also essential. With VPS, you can raise and maintain your account for a long time. You will not have to change the device constantly for the account. If the VPS has high stability, the reliability also increases.

Notes when renting VPS to raise eBay, Paypal, Amazon,... accounts
Increase account reliability with VPS

VPS must have an extensible customizable configuration

It allows you to upgrade the device easily without changing the MAC address or IP address. With a large number of accounts, this should not be a problem. Even if you do another work on the VPS, this will not be in the way.

VPS must have a clean IP

A clean IP is an IP that is free from SPAM or DDoS points. In addition, clean IPs are also IPs that have not been affected by the minus points of the sites you want to raise an account. In addition, when choosing to rent a VPS, you need to pay attention to the IP address. Choosing where VPS has an IP address is not based on account activity. If you choose the wrong one, your account will be dead very high. For example: If you raise a Paypal US account, you must use a VPS with US IP.

VPS must have the same operating system as the computer

VPS needs to have specifications and an operating system as a real computer. Not many people use Windows Server operating systems on personal computers. It is only suitable for professionals. Also, very few people use the Linux operating system to log in to buy goods or use services. This system is only for computer programming and development. You should choose Windows 10 VPS or Windows 7 VPS to use for account maintenance will be the best.

Notes when renting VPS to raise eBay, Paypal, Amazon,... accounts
Most Selected is Windows 10 VPS

In addition to the above notes, when you rent a VPS, you also need to pay attention to maintaining the operation of the account so that it is as natural as possible. It is also to pay attention to money transfer, receiving (for Paypal accounts), or buying and selling activities (for eBay, Tiktok accounts, Facebook accounts).

Online business activities always need to be maintained continuously. So what are you waiting for without visiting Dainty Cloud to choose the most suitable VPS for you? With the best price and service quality, we always bring absolute satisfaction to customers. If you have any questions, please send them to our contact channels. Thanks for following this post!  

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