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What to keep in mind when choosing the best VPS provider?

What to keep in mind when choosing the best VPS provider?
13 May, 2024 VPS Knowledgebase

When your website has high traffic, you needs to upgrade the website to have full administrative rights, increase data storage capacity, the website run more stably and more security, using VPS service is necessary and optimal. However, you feel headache when you don’t know which VPS provider to choose. The following criteria will help you easily choose the best and most suitable VPS provider for your job.

  1. Access rights

Choose a provider that allows you full administrative rights – root access; With this highest access right, server users have full control when accessing the server on VPS to be able to choose the operating system, tweak the configuration, install applications, and set server security to suit work requirements.

  1. Hardware

A good VPS service provider will provide the latest hardware resources to ensure your website runs smoothly and quietly. The server must be equipped with a 2-core to 6-core processor, higher RAM, and the fastest type of storage – a solid state drive or SSD. The lack of moving parts in an SSD will reduce the speed and performance of operations on the VPS.

  1. Operating system

Most servers are run on two operating systems: Windows and Linux. You can choose Linux VPS or Windows VPS depending on your project requirements. Before choosing a VPS hosting provider, make sure that the provider gives you are free to choose the operating system you want.

  1. Security

The security of a VPS service is very important, as any security-related incident can lead to financial loss and damage for users. VPS hosting offers better security than shared hosting; however, there are some differences between different VPS hosting providers and between different plans. For example, cloud-based VPS is a solution that can provide better security.

Make sure to choose a server that offers plenty of security features as well as backups, DDoS protection, and malware scanning. With these features, you’ll create a secure, scalable environment to host applications.

  1. Cost

VPS hosting providers will provide services in multiple packages with different pricing. Users need to evaluate their business requirements to choose the appropriate VPS package, VPS hosting price depends on technical specifications such as: operating system, RAM, bandwidth, storage type, HDD or SSD and Storage capacity in GB…

How many resources you need depends on how many websites or applications you run simultaneously and site traffic

Some VPS USA plans are available at

  1. Backup service

During use, users may encounter problems when upgrading or improving websites or applications on VPS; all data will be lost if they don’t back up the website. This situation can lead to extended downtime, loss of business revenue, and heavy damage to the project. To avoid this problem, choose a VPS hosting provider that can provide easy backup solutions.

  1. Reliability

The VPS hosting provider that you choose must be highly reliable. Check information about the service provider: Company name, phone number, headquarters address, person in charge… If necessary, check to see if they have a good reputation on specialized websites VPS through former users and rate their experience with the provider that you are interested.

  1. Customer support

When there are any questions that need answering or problems that you can’t resolve, customer support is needed to assist you quickly and effectively. They can assist with server setup, cPanel customization, and management of websites and applications on VPS. Different VPS providers have different levels of support. The best customer support of the current VPS provider is with services:

  • – Multinational VPS
  • – Auto system with full administrative rights
  • – 24/7 multi-channel support: Zalo, FB messenger, skype, telegram,…
  • – Specialized information technology team (if needed)

A good customer service department not only gives users a good experience but above all, optimal VPS usage efficiency for the development of your work; An enthusiastic, highly specialized team is the key element of a partner company providing VPS services to you.

Above is some information Dainty gives to help you easily choose the best VPS provider, start using VPS by creating a free account right here or contact us for free advice and support.

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