How do OVHcloud datacentres work?

As a cloud computing service provider, OVHcloud owns datacentres that are used to store physical servers connected to the internet, and hosting these services. Since cloud solutions are often the basis of a business, you need a professional service and IT resources (computing power, storage space) adapted to these uses. We design all of our infrastructures, from server production to deployment. We can also scale our infrastructures to fit customer requests (additional resources) and technical advancements (component changes, improvements, etc.).

Our datacentre infrastructures are designed to host thousands of servers in a minimal amount of space, while optimising features such as large-scale water-cooling for servers.

For customers, one of the key advantages of hosting in our datacentres is the measures put in place to guarantee constant service availability, and optimal performance. To do this, we work with market players to select next-generation components, and configure high-quality servers. These servers are then set up in rooms with hardware redundancy to prevent power outages, hardware failures and any other unpredictable incidents.


Where are OVHcloud datacentres located?

The location of datacentres is a major factor for a hosting provider to consider. With an international customer base offering services across the globe, our solutions must be adaptable, and based as closely as possible to their users. Offering services in the country where you do business is a guarantee of trust, security and performance. This is why we have set up our datacentres around the world, and continue to expand the geographical coverage of our solutions every day. You can find our datacentres in these countries: France, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Poland, the UK and Singapore.

Datacentre security

We have full control over physical security in our datacentres, as we are the sole operator. Access to buildings is limited and controlled in compliance with the very strictest standards and requirements, to ensure maximum security within the site. To access the premises and physical servers, only employees assigned to the building and carrying a badge are allowed to enter. 24/7 video surveillance and security ensure full control of each site.

Datacentre technology

Throughout their entire lifespan, our datacentres benefit from over 20 years of experience in fully managing the server production chain. They are equipped with cutting-edge technology, and offer the very latest innovations, such as high availability. Redundant power is critical for our infrastructures to operate smoothly, so we use a double power supply. Autonomous generators can also take over in the event of a general outage.

Respect for the environment

We all have a role to play in respecting the environment, and ours is to offer you solutions and services with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Hosting IT servers requires energy — and we are always looking for new ways to reduce this need, by optimising and innovating our technology. Our water-cooling system, which we use to cool our entire infrastructure, is part of the innovative technology that helps us drastically reduce the power usage of our datacentres.

Our Global Infrastructure

70 Tbps
of global network capacity

33 datacenters
present on 4 continents

44 redundant PoPs
around the world

What is a datacentre?

A datacentre is a site that hosts all of the equipment needed for an IT system to work. For logistical, performance and price reasons, businesses rely on companies that specialise in server hosting, and offer their services in one or more of their datacentres.

While it has long been possible for businesses to store their own servers on-premises, it makes more sense now — especially with the advent of the cloud — to outsource this management. For example, the hosting provider delivers infrastructure and services like data storage, databases, fully-managed servers, big data solutions, and even shared hosting in a cloud environment.


Solutions offered in OVHcloud datacentres

The solutions we offer are hosted in our datacentres. Manage your own virtual machines with virtualisation cloud technologies like VMware or OpenStack. Create a hybrid cloud by combining Public Cloud, Private Cloud and bare-metal dedicated servers.

With dedicated servers that offer raw performance with no software layers, you can simplify the way you manage resource-intensive workloads and projects.

OVHcloud infrastructures are perfect for critical applications, as they offer certifications and availability rates guaranteed by a service level agreement (SLA). Our solutions also cover all your web development and hosting needs for professional websites, e-commerce and blogs.


What are the advantages of renting a server in a datacentre?

First of all, the advantage of choosing to outsource your IT infrastructure management is that you can then focus on your core business. OVHcloud maintains all the hardware, configurations for different servers, technical requirements, processor maintenance (CPU), RAM, storage disks (SSD, hard disk), etc.

You also benefit from all the expertise of your hosting provider, and the range of services and solutions they have developed. This way, you can discover the advantages of cloud computing without having to mount and deploy an infrastructure with a hypervisor yourself, and provision resources.